Create FTP Account

Access the FTP Manager

These steps will explain how to access the FTP Manager.

  1. Login to your PointClick cPanel
  2. Click the "hosting" link at the top of the account.
  3. Click the "cpanel" link at the top.
  4. In the "File Management" section click on "FTP Manager"

Create a new FTP account

Once you have accessed the FTP Manager these steps will explain show to create an FTP account.

  1. Under the "ADD FTP Account" section enter a Username:
    • Please note that the username will automatically have your domain added to the end. Example:
  2. Enter the password you would like to use into the "Password" and "Password (Again)" boxes.
    • Please note the password strength indicator must show 20 or better before the password will be accepted.
  3. Choose the directory you would like the FTP account to have access to.
    • This will be filled in automatically with the username you entered.
    • This will correspond to a directory on your account.
    • If the directory does not exist it will be created.
    • When this FTP account connects they will be taken to this direcory.
    • The FTP account will not be able to access anything outside the this directory.
    • Entering "/" will give this FTP account full access to your files.
  4. Select a Quota. You can choose unlimited or enforce a maximum size for this FTP account.
  5. Click the "Create FTP Account" button.

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